Home Inspection Report – Its Content and Its Usefulness

Here we will see what an ideal home inspection report contains, and who all the users of this report are. The format of the report: First of all the report will have a summary highlighting the main findings of the inspection undertaken. These points are then discussed in detail in the body of the statement. Each of the main finding or major concerned matter is presented with its implications and recommendations. The report also contains the identified defects, which are elaborated stating what the defect means and what it can cause. Then the recommendations are suggested with as many alternate options as possible so that the buyer has the flexibility to choose. All this information is presented with proper evidence like clear images of the home and the areas inspected so that the buyer has a clear idea of the condition of the home and can also plan how to proceed with the buying decision. To hire the best inspection company to undertake the inspection, buyer can ask the inspectors in consideration to give him a sample statement to study. After comparing, it will be easy for the buyer to choose the best inspection company.

Various users of the report: The primary user of the report is the client or the buyer as he obtains an unbiased and practical evaluation statement of the home. It gives the buyer an idea about the list of repairs required if he decides to buy the home. The report serves as a legal document to the attorney and the bank. The bank can be satisfied that the house does not have any hidden costs and is a good investment. The attorney gets assurance that due diligence was performed before buying the house for the condition and safety of the home. In the end, the report is a very useful document to the inspector himself as he can use it as evidence in the law suit to prove there was no negligence from his side. A good quality inspection statement which is through and easy to understand can be used by the inspector as a marketing tool as well. Conclusion: It is important for the buyer to know that the inspection report only states the present condition of the home, and a particular home in consideration does not pass or fail the inspection. It only states where major repairing is required in the home and what the various available options are. It is then up to the buyer to decide if the home is worth buying and how to negotiate the price of the home with the seller using the report.

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